Gravity and Gladness: The Pursuit of God in Corporate Worship (Piper, John)

This study guide and DVD will help small groups journeytoward a better understanding of how seriousness and happinessblend in godly worship.

What does the Bible say about corporate worship? What isworship in the first place? The stark differences inworship styles between churches leads to much confusion. Serviceswith flippant worship cause us to miss the majesty and magnificenceof God. On the other hand, stiff-necked worship doesn’trecognize that God is actually happy, and that we arecalled to be happy as well. So what should our worshiplook like? Is there a balance–worship that is both solemnand joyful?

Yes! Gravity in worship doesn’t mean being stern or grim.And gladness in worship doesn’t mean being frivolous orsuperficial. If our God is both inestimably glorious and infinitelyhappy, our worship will have both gravity and gladness, both substance and satisfaction.

In this twelve-session seminar, John Piper looks to the Bible tohelp individuals and churches discover the true nature of worship.Join Piper as he calls Christians to worship God daily with gravityand gladness.

This DVD of the seminar and its accompanying study guide areespecially designed for Bible studies and community groups.



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