Life by His Death (Owen, John)

Owen is one of the most prominent theologians England has ever had. Owens first book was published in 1642, and his last was passing through the press at the time of his death, in 1683. His published works include a total of twenty-four volumes. Oliver Cromwell used John Owen as his personal chaplain for some years, and had him preach to Parliament a number of times, from 1646 on. He pastored three churches during his lifetime. Owen married twice; his first wife died in 1676. He had eleven children, none of whom survived him. His grave is still preserved in the Bunhill fields burial ground, city Road, London. The book The Death of Death in the Death of Christ, here presented in an easy-to-read version, was published by Owen in 1647. It is suggested that no-one has ever succeeded in refuting the thesis that Owen here so fully expounds and defends from the Scriptures.


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