When Your Friend Gets Cancer: How You Can Help (Harwell, Amy)

You just found out.  Your friend has cancer.

You’re shocked.  “Oh, no–not her!  It can’t be–she’s so vital!”  And perhaps, most of all, you’re overwhelmed.  “What can I ever do to help her?”

This book will help keep you from being paralyzed by your first reactions.  You can reach out to your friend now–no matter how inadequate you feel.  He or she needs all the support you can give, no matter how small your comfort may seem to you in the face of this giant crisis.  Your gift is not small.  You are a very significant person: you are a friend!

With unusual warmth and humanness, Amy Harwell shares from her own experience of cancer and the power of friendship.  This new book, designed to be read at one sitting, offers practical helps on how to be a true friend in need.  Amy’s unquenchable enthusiasm comes through in every line, making this a vitally important and enlightening book on a topic that can’t be ignored.



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